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About Us

About Us

Are you searching for someone that has a great love for pets just like you? You have come to the right place. We work tirelessly to ensure all your pet training and needs are fulfilled. Our dedicated staff is here for you and your pets should you find your pet sick, bored, or needing some pet sitting. We offer various pet services and you can take advantage of them. Having a pet requires you to be responsible and get big rewards at the end.We understand what it takes to love and care for your pets and it shows. We sterilize and clean according to procedures required having in mind the dog’s health.

Our pricing

Our pricing is that of what you would expect to pay on the national average. Our clients give us impressive feedback most of the time we offer our service, this evidently will tell you that we are good. We have pet owners that have been loyal to us for years. The following are a few of the prices we have for some services:

Our Veterinary Services

For your pets to be healthy you will need to take them for annual check-ups. If you bring your pet for a normal check-up we will charge you $200-$400 for an average dog and $90-$100 for a cat. The check-ups done with the above pricing include shots that need to be updated and a physical exam. However, we also have other check-ups that will cost extra for example medications, further tests, and special food recommendations.